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In Nati Royo SL we are manufacturers and distributors of Jewelry and Silver jewelry wholesale, we have a wide range of products from jewelry and jewelry stores all available in our online store.

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Jewelry design in silver

The jewelry products are not Nati Royo jewelry life we ​​are used to seeing, but are modern designs, shapes and colors are different and the materials used are innovative.

According to these characteristics of originality and design different fashion a product that gets a great public acceptance and is perfect to combine as a fashion accessory is obtained.

With our exclusive designs our silver jewelry and jewelry is a fashion accessory for any occasion: special moments, dinners, parties and everyday wear.

The design of the jewelry is done personally Nati Royo from the latest trends in fashion and design and apply it to their original jewelry products.

Creating jewelry design prototypes, which manufactures and customizes itself inside his workshop.


Jewelry Design

The design of the jewelry is done by Natividad Royo following their own inspiration.

First comes the imagination a type of product to create.

Then with pencil and paper creates a design based on the initial idea.

Then comes the work of creating a prototype design jewel, which she performs in-house manufactured.

Once you have made the prototype, sets all variations of design that can be the jewel, such as colors or types of stone. As well as this jewel applications have as a fashion accessory.

  Leather ring design
Leather ring

Once the prototype is ready, all variants of design that can be the end product of jewelry, such as stone types, colors, sizes and others are set.

When all it defined, designed and prepared proceed to the manufacture of products.

Manufacture of jewelry and Silver Jewelry

In Nati Royo we are manufacturers of jewelry and silver jewelry in Spain, and all production of the pieces of jewelry and silver jewelry is made by hand.

Nati Royo SL team makes products individually in the process of create jewelry designs.

Nati Royo in person controls the manufacturing of creating jewelry from designs.

company NatiRoyo

For the production of the original products of fashion jewelry and silver jewelry design Nati Royo use materials of all kinds and always of the highest quality for the manufacturing of jewelry design.

Into these materials we include: leather, steel, silver, pearls, Swarovski, precious and semiprecious stones, ...

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